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"Todd and Diane’s workshop dramatically improved our approach to styling and photographing food. They openly share their brilliant expertise on all aspects of styling, shooting, promoting and selling amazing food images. This is a fantastic workshop!" - Sally and Kent

"I highly recommend Todd and Diane's hands-on food styling and photography workshop. It was two days packed full of information and hands-on lessons. You do get to watch Todd & Diane work but they put you to work so you can quickly apply what they are teaching. My goal for the year was to up my photography skills as well as my photo editing skills and with this workshop.
I have surpassed my wildest dreams. They inspired me to continue to learn and to continue to push myself to try new things and to find my own style. They never pushed their style of photography on anyone at the workshop. I even made a friend at the workshop and can easily say that the workshop changed me for the better. I always recommend this workshop to my friends or anyone who asks about photography classes. You won't be disappointed if you take their workshops! Thanks, Todd & Diane!" - Julie

"I met Diane and Todd in 2011 at a food blogging workshop in their beautiful Orange County studio. While they are perhaps two of the kindest, most genuine people I’ve ever met, their talent and energy radiate outward and touch your soul. Be prepared to walk away loaded with inspiration, empowerment and the ability to see light in a new, more meaningful way." - Lori

"I read so much about food photography and practiced a bit, but the opportunity to attend this workshop was priceless. Todd and Diane are wonderful teachers the limited workshop size was great because everyone could ask questions, get plenty of hands-on experience (and raid the magnificent prop room!), and it was fun to get to know each other. I signed up for this workshop on a whim but with what I learned, I was able to build a new portfolio and take my photography work to a new level. I returned home with a lot more confidence about my work, and the experience fully prepared me for a restaurant photo shoot I booked a few weeks afterwards!" - Alicia

"I walked into Todd and Diane's studio with a really nice camera, but no idea how to use it. They quickly remedied this, teaching me how to shoot comfortably in manual mode within minutes of arriving. We went on to learn about lighting, composition, and styling in the most fun way possible - by watching Todd and Diane do it so masterfully themselves and then getting to practice it for ourselves. It was the kind of learning experience that every teacher strives to achieve - fun, educational, laid back, and completely supportive.
But it wasn't all learning... We had time to get to know the other participants, make friends, and enjoy one another's company To say that we were well taken care of would be an understatement! It really felt like we had been welcomed into their family.
I came away from the 2-day photography workshop feeling so inspired, invigorated, and excited. I was armed with a new found knowledge of my camera, lots of hands-on practical photography experience, and some great new friends. Todd and Diane created a once-in-a-lifetime experience in this photography workshop and I am so grateful to have been able to participate!" Rachel